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Undaba Thai Fisherman pants are made from heavy cotton called "Pah Muang" it is traditionally made and used by the Hill Tribe people from the surrounding areas of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.  This material is slightly thicker and stronger, yet soft to wear, especially after a few washes.    

Thai Fisherman Pants Muang Cotton Latte Capoeira Style

"Traditionally, the pants were worn by Thai fisherman (hence the name) due to their ability to dry very quickly, being very easy to make and allowing for free movement, all required criteria for this line of work."

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Thai Fisherman pants unisex design is super comfortable and suitable for various body types.

Today, Thai fisherman pants are worn not only by Fisherman but by many other people for their loose fitting and versatile design. They are ideal for many activities that require a wide range of movement, such as Tai ChiYoga, Capoeira practice, Dance and Meditation.

Undaba Collection Thai Fisherman Pants

Many women have also found them very useful as maternity wear, due to their adaptable waistline and soft, yet durable material. Their flexible wrap design means you can adjust the waist as your body changes during pregnancy.

There´s really no end to the useful and practical ways you can comfortably wear Thai Fisherman Pants which is why they have become popular all around the world.

We trade directly with small family run business´ who support the local communities and traditional crafts.  

 Undaba New Collection of Thai Fisherman Pants



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